Parent Involvement Night Tomorrow Night

I wish I had received better advanced notice than a robo-call tonight. I already have important plans and won't be able to make it.

I just checked the district's home page, something I do often, and found a notice. I wonder when it was posted. I'm sure there was mention of it at the board meeting attended by two or three parents. I don't think we received any flier from school, my wife doesn't remember seeing one.

I know the district isn't interested in my ideas about how to improve parent involvement but let me give it another shot.

If I received an email notice at least a week in advance, it would have been on my phone and email calendars and I would be able to make it. If the parent involvement night was held regularly, say on the third Tuesday every month, it would have been on my calendar and I would be attending.

Hmm, maybe a plan developed with parents might be able to address this better...Oh well...