Board President, Mrs. Lara asked, "Dr. Kayrell, what do you want us to do?"

Last night, the board approved the current, 4 year old, parent involvement policy with no changes and no updates.

It appeared three board members, Mr. Orozco, Mrs. Poulter and Mrs. De Longchamp, were open to finding ways to improve parent involvement. Mr. Hackney and Mrs. Lara obviously wanted to keep the status quo.

I told the board the policy they were considering should be improved but if they were going to approve it with no changes it would be ok as long as they followed the policy. I asked them to follow the part that requires a parent involvement plan to be developed and adjusted annually with parents. Superintendent Dr. Kayrell responded to my request by saying it was something "we could look into". How can something described in their own policy and required by Federal law be something they "could look into?"

It was painfully obvious who is still calling the shots.

In a quandry as to how to address her fellow board members concerns about increasing parent involvement, our board president, Mrs. Lara asked, "Dr. Kayrell, what do you want us to do?" His response? "Approve the policy." And they did; by a vote of 5-0.

It looks like things never change. The administration is still directing OUR board. It should be the other way around.