First Day of School Frightens Parents and Kids in Beaumont

I took my son to first day of kindergarten and my daughter to her first day of third grade today, it was frightening. I had to park in a dirt field with brush scraping the sides of my car. Then I had to navigate my kids through the dangerous drop off nightmare at Brookside Elementary. All this in the shadow of the tractors clearing the field across the street for the $15,000,000 sports complex.




Many Beaumont parents helped pass Measure Z because it specifically listed the drop off areas as a problem the bond money was supposed to fix. As I've stated before, there was no mention of any sports complex.

Since there is no plan to fix the drop off areas, next year Brookside parents are already planning to park in the parking lot of our state of the art sports complex. I can't wait.

It is really too bad the other schools will still have to endure the nightmare of dropping off and picking up their kids. I sure hope nobody gets seriously hurt before the district gets around to fulfilling their written promises in Measure Z.y