Beaumont Spirit Run Is On Track To Contribute Thousand$ To The Beaumont Schools

The Beaumont Spirit Run is making great progress and looks like it will be a huge success. Steve Leach and Shari Scholte have been able to recruit enough sponsors to cover almost all our costs. At this point about 90% of every runner's registration fee will go directly to Beaumont Schools. With a few more key sponsors we will reach one of our primary goals, 100% of all registration money going to the schools.

With the majority of the expenses covered by our sponsors and each additional runner resulting in more money being donated to each school, the focus of our efforts will now be directed towards marketing and promotion, and increase runner registration. We are still looking for more sponsors but now we need to concentrate on generating a "buzz" about the event. In the coming days and weeks leading up to September 11, you will see and hear more about the First Annual Beaumont Spirit Run.

As a result of popular demand, we will be offering a new Family Pricing Plan. The pricing will be $50 for the first two runners in a family and then $5 for each additional family member to register. The only way we can offer this special pricing is through advanced, in person registration. We will be offering in person registration atBeaumont's Chamber of Commerce Market Night on August 3rd and August 17th. We also plan to have in person registration at each school's Back-to-School night scheduled before the run. If your school doesn't have a Back-to-School night scheduled before 9/11/10 but you have another school event you would like us to attend, send us an email to and we will be there.

We are inviting all PTAs or Booster clubs to join us at Market Night and take this opportunity to help promote what they are doing in their schools while at the same time helping us to promote the Spirit Run. Some PTAs will be signing up members for the new school year, selling school t-shirts, and organizing Running Clubs. Contact your PTA president or other board members and make sure your school is represented.

I want to add a special thank you to Assistant Superintendent Dr. Maureen Latham and Superintendent Dr. Barry Kayrell for all their support. Also, thank you to Action Learning Systems for their generous contribution. Without the district's support and encouragement and ALS's financial support, we wouldn't be in a position to contribute at least 90% of every registration dollar to the schools.

If you are a runner and would like to register, or you would like to volunteer or donate to the Beaumont Spirit Run, visit us at<> for more information or send an email to