Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Comes To Beaumont

At last night's board meeting, board member Mark Orozco made an emotional statement condemning the new immigration law passed by Arizona, SB 1070. He asked his fellow board members to join him and pass a resolution protesting the new law. I'm not going to try and detail what he said here because I am afraid I would misrepresent his position. The district website will have the audio recording where you should listen to it for yourself. His statement is now part of the public record and therefore it would probably be ok for him to release a written version. I know he reads my blog and he knows I would be happy to post it here. 

This is one of the most controversial issues in the current news. I think I understand both sides of the issue but like most people, including most of the most vocal proponents and opponents of the law, I hadn't read the bill. I created this blog to discuss the issues and politics of our local school district and I want to keep it about BUSD. I applaud Mr. Orozco for taking a stand as a private citizen and voicing his outrage but I question the involvement of Beaumont Unified School District. Here is a link to the actual bill from the official site of the Arizona State Legislature:

It is disappointing to me when I hear school board members involving their district in a political debate not related to their responsibilities as a member of a school board. This law, and the many ways it has been interpreted, has become an emotional and divisive subject. I don't see the value of dividing our local community and stirring up emotions over something we didn't pass and that doesn't apply to our community. I don't think our local schools is an appropriate place for this political debate. 

It seems the board will be considering a resolution in an upcoming board meeting. I hope the board will decide to stay focused on our kids and reject even taking a vote on any resolution. More importantly, I hope the debate will stay in the boardroom and out of the classrooms. I may be alone in my position but I would be interested to hear other opinions. I will keep my focus here on what affect passing a resolution against the Arizona law will have on our schools and families. If you believe the discussion should be more about the law and you want to use this blog as a platform, I welcome all comments. 

Public school boards passing resolutions on issues such as another state's immigration laws, once again makes me wish I could afford private schools for my children.