Beaumont Needs An Educational Foundation

This is in response to a recent comment here.For a while now, I have felt that we needed a parent community group to provide parents, teachers, and other community members the representation we aren't getting from our representatives on the school board. I think the purpose of such a group would be to find and support board candidates that will speak for parents and put our families first. I also think the group should raise funds to provide the services the district is no longer offering. I see this as an opportunity to replace the school fundraisers with a significant source of revenue.

When Steve Leach first talked to me about the Beaumont Spirit Run, he was hoping to create an educational foundation to organize and finance the run as well as other fundraisers in the future. His vision of a foundation would provide our schools much needed funding without the restrictions imposed by the government bureaucracies. He was hoping to be able to directly support student activities through contributions to parent teacher organizations. When a school did not have an established PTO or PTA his plan was to channel the funds through the school site council.

Steve and I had different visions of what an educational foundation in Beaumont would look like but we knew we needed something better than what currently exists, nothing. Once an organization is established the members will be able to determine the purpose and direction of the organization.We found out early how difficult and expensive it would be to establish a foundation, a minimum of $5,000 is required. Most foundations are started with a large donation or grant.

The BUSD administration expressed an interest in establishing an educational foundation. A representative for Dr. Kayrell attended one of our early meetings and expressed support. She told us the district would like to handle the legal and financial issues involved with establishing the foundation. Sometime later we learned the district would not be supporting our efforts.

We hope our first annual Beaumont Spirit Run will lead to a second one and that eventually we will be able to establish the Beaumont Educational Foundation. Steve has put in place the organization to make the Spirit Run a successful fundraiser and start us on the path to an educational foundation. We need volunteers and community donations to make this a reality.

I am often asked how parents can really make a difference. What can we do to show the board and administration what direction we want them to take our school district? I think this is a great place to start. For more information visit our new website, or send an email to