What Happens To The State Money That Is Sent To BUSD For Our GATE Students?

Each year our kids are tested to determine if they qualify the district for the Gifted And Talented Education State funding. Our district receives money from the state based on the number of kids that do well on the GATE test. This money is supposed to fund programs for our GATE Students.

Our district eliminated GATE programs beginning this school year, 2009-2010, but they will still be receiving the state funds for the next 3 years. Ever wonder what is happening to that money? Let me think... How about $30,000 a year to reimburse our superintendents for their retirement contributions.

I wonder what program would be eliminated next if we refused to allow our kids to be used as fundraisers for a district that increases superintendent compensation while the district eliminates important programs for these same kids. Does anyone know what the what would happen if we didn't allow our kids to be tested for GATE? I'm sure the superintendents' retirement money, $120,000 over the next three years, would have to come from somewhere?

For more information about the GATE programs in BUSD please read my post from 3/24/10:

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