BUSD Board Members, Please Stop This Madness

On Tuesday our board will consider approving renegotiated contracts for our assistant superintendents. The new contracts include incremental increases and longer terms.


Here are links to the new contracts:

Assistant Superintendent of Personnel

Assistant Superintendent of Business

Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services

And here is a link to the Salary Schedule

Salary Schedule

Our kid's programs and services are being cut while we watch our reserves evaporate to cover budget deficits as far as the eye can see. These budgets are submitted by our assistant superintendent of business and approved by this board. The assistant supes are asking for increased compensation and benefits. They want longer contracts with guaranteed increases. Now these same administrators are proposing more program cuts and salary reductions for all district staff while asking for more for themselves. As I said in earlier posts, if the board approves this, consider it a slap in our faces. If these administrators ask for and receive more for themselves, in my opinion, they will have no credibility in the future asking our kids to take less.

This issue will be considered in the closed portion of the board meeting. You will only be able to voice your opinion at 5pm. I will be there to voice mine; I urge you to do the same. Now is the time to make a stand, our kids need us.