March 7-13, 2010, The Week of the School Administrator

There is an excellent story in today's (3/5/10) Record Gazette about the Tuesday Take or Trade program developed by staff and parent volunteers at Brookside Elementary: Brookside school brings benevolence to the wardrobe I think everyone should read this story and realize there are many other programs throughout our district that provide so much for our students and their families. The volunteers for these programs, along with hundreds of other volunteers who help out our teachers in the classrooms at our schools, have been doing this kind work for years.

Last April I asked our board to join seven million parents and family members, in 10,000 schools and districts across the nation and declare the third full week of April, Public School Volunteer Week. I also asked them to observe the third Thursday in November as National Parent Involvement Day. Not a single board member or cabinet member ever even acknowledged my suggestion.

At the beginning of this school year, I again asked them to recognize PS Volunteer Week and Parent Involvement day. Again, there was absolutely no response at all. I also suggested they show their appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers in our district by organizing an end of the year recognition event. I even suggested they could charge the attendees to pay for the event and give a discount for the volunteers being honored. This is similar to the annual retiree and recognition event they hold every year for teachers and district staff. Once again, not a word was uttered, not even "That's a good idea but...."

Next week the board will approve an agreement for catering services with East Valley Golf Club for the end of the year recognition and retiree banquet and adopt a Resolution declaring March 7-13, 2010, The Week of the School Administrator. It is no wonder the involved parents and other volunteers in this district have no interest in regularly attending the board meetings. They give much of their own time and money to bail out the district in areas once supported by district resources. Why would they want to take away more from their own family time to watch the people they are bailing out congratulate and pat each other on the back while they are being completely unappreciated.