Mr. Sanchez, You Still Don't Get it

Tonight Mr. Sanchez closed the board meeting by reading a Stater Brothers newspaper add that promoted local business and then he wanted to know why the board was being criticized for wanting to support local business with Measure Z projects. 

I'm not sure who Mr. Sanchez is complaining about criticizing the district's support of local business. I haven't heard the criticism. I think he needs to read my blog more. Mr. Sanchez, we need you and your colleagues to focus on supporting our kids and not on defending your support of Bogh construction.

In my post  BUSD Bogh Unified School District, on 2/09/10 I wrote:

I now see the driving force behind the stadium is the local construction firm, Bogh, and the local sub-contractors and business men who will benefit from the district's projects. I believe the 12 million dollars could stay in the community even if it was spent on the "other" projects. But, since I seem to be alone, and the community leaders believe that a stadium is more important than the remaining projects, then we should be concerned with keeping the money in the community but we also need to make sure we are selecting the best contractor and getting the most for our money.

And on 2/20/10 in the post  Business As Usual Needs To Change, I again addressed supporting local business when I wrote:

I think it is good to spend our money locally, when we can.  But, as Mr. Orozco stated, it is not our schools that should be providing a local stimulus package. We should leave that up to the politicians. It is the responsibility of our school district to manage their resources to provide the best education for all of Beaumont’s children. All parents should expect our district to provide the best educational environment available for our kids.