BUSD Involve and Inform Parents? Don't hold your breath!

In her closing remarks tonight, BTA President Trina Brown explained her child brought home a flier yesterday advertising an important workshop for parents of GATE (Gifted and Talented Students) that will be held at Brookside on March 25th. She asked if the district could add a "Parent" page to the district's website to promote important events like this to parents.

Mrs. Brown, Don't hold your breath.

This board and administration won't comply with Federal law that requires districts and schools receiving Title I funds to develop, with parents, a written Parent Involvement Policy that is monitored and updated annualy. Their current board policy on parent involvement is almost 4 years old.

This board and administration, at the last board meeting, declared a "Week of the Administrator" and authorized a retirement and recognition party for district staff but they do nothing to formally recognize the hundreds of parents and volunteers that are the foundation of this district. They've ignored requests I've made to observe a Public School Volunteer Week or National Parent Involvement Day. 

This board has authorized the administration to transfer money earmarked for GATE students to supplement the general fund and then eliminate GATE programs. Then they put together a workshop for parents of GATE students and do very little to promote it. Putting a flier in our kids' backpacks 3 days before the event and not including the event on the district's website's "Upcoming Events" page or on the district calendar or on the district's GATE page, shows me once again, involving parents is not a priority to these people.