BUSD Board Meeting Summary - 02/23/10


The board recognized Amanda Hendey and Garret Fullmer for their athletic achievements. Amanda Hendey, a junior, is the 1st state champion girl in BHS history & Garret Fullmer is 2 time league winner senior.

Several speakers addressed the board in support of agenda item #12.2, naming the high school's science wing after former well respected science teacher, Jack Lamb.

The superintendent's reading of the district calendar included two important items, the next Budget Review Committee meeting scheduled for Friday March 12th at 3:30 and the week of 4-26 thru 5-7 for Star testing.

The board considered the naming of the high school science wing after Jack Lamb. Dr. Vaccarello reviewed the history of this item. The board considered this twice already and she thought it had already been decided that another form of tribute was more appropriate. She felt there might be others worthy of having the science wing named in their honor and felt by giving this honor to Jack Lamb might not set the best precedent. The board 4-1 to approve the new name for the wing.

The Board declared this week the week of the School Administrator by a 5-0 vote, everyone applauds and then the administrators are all asked to stand.

15.2 report on the Bogh projects - This item was added to the agenda to finish a discussion started last meeting between Mr. Greenwood and Mrs. Kakish. Kakish began with a report/presentation of the cost and status of the projects; then introduced members of the design firms. Included in the presentation was a document titled "Consequences of Changing Design Significantly After Plans Have Been Submitted"

Greenwood begins by saying he missed being part of the design committee process. He knows making changes will result in additional costs so he isn't going to recommend making any changes but he wants to make some comments. There were few concerns over the theater and classroom expansions at the high school. He had one question about the Sports Complex, if sun direction was considered in ball field layouts.

The discussion moved toward the district's administrative offices.  Mr Greenwod is asking for focus on functionality. He proposed a single building with a simple design instead of multiple elaborately designed buildings. He also asked about the cost of a glass building vs. non-glass. He questioned the slope of the roof to best accommodate future solar panels. Mr. Greenwood suggested that one building would be easier and cheaper to secure. He complained that the design committee for the administration building didn't have proper community representation. 

Kakish responds by listing the space requirements necessary to bring all the district's departments to a single location. Greenwood says he agrees with space allocations but wants everything housed in one building. He reminded us he is complaining but won't vote to change anything  because of additional costs. He goes on  and questions the common sense of bringing the contracts to vote in open session. Kakish offers a seat on every future design committee to Mr. Greenwood. He responded and said he isn't an expert but still questions the design committees not being well represented by stake holders.

Dr. Vacccarello said she sat on the sports complex design committee and also questions the increase in cost that Mr. Greenwood brought up last month. Mrs. Kakish says the cost hasn't increased and she said that people are confusing construction cost with project total cost. Construction cost has always been planned for 10-12 million with a total cost of about 15 million. The total cost includes expenses not directly related to the construction of the projects. Mrs Lara defends the process and said she tried to hold back costs. 

Vacarello she saw no cost containment built into the sports complex design process. She indicated she and Kakish worked to contain cost with verbal warnings during the discussion but there was no working budget for the committee to follow and there was no discussion about the cost of specific design options. There was no way to compare the value and cost of each option the committee requested.

Mr. Orozco says he was originally hesitant about the projects and the costs but felt now it would be too costly to start over and get new design & bids, "we should move forward". Mr. Sanchez questioned the functionality design committee of the administration offices. He complains all committees had community representation except the admin office building committee

Superintendent Dr Kayrell defended the district's process of designing complex projects. He agrees a budget would be nice to start with and build around. He goes on to say the process should be better. "These issues should be addressed earlier in the process."

Mrs. Kakish asked the board for direction - Sanchez  believed the approval to move forward has already been authorized but will entertain a motion to divert the approval, no motion was made. Kakish said the projects' contracts will be coming to the board for approval soon. Mr. Orozco asks if the board will get to see the final bids, Kakish answered "yes". All pre-construction agreements with Bogh Engineering were passed

The 2nd interim budget report was presented. It seems 09/10 projected revenues are up and projected expenses are down. Deficits spending is planned for the next two years,  2.4 million deficit in 2010/2011 and 3.7 million deficit in 2011/2012. Over the next 2 yrs, the district plans to keep class sizes as is and have no plans for a change in bus services. Also, No furloughs or layoffs planned.