Mr. Greenwood, Our Kids Are Counting On You

Recent comments to my earlier posts have me thinking I might be missing something.

I thought the sports complex was designed by an architect to meet the specifications determined by a district appointed committee. Then contractors follow the designs to put together their bid. When the district accepts a bid and awards a contract to a contractor, the contractor has agreed to meet the specifications of the design. I also expect the firm with the winning bid believes they can complete the project and earn a reasonable profit for the amount they bid.

So now I am confused as to why it is even necessary for Mr. Greenwood to question cost overruns at such an early stage. If there have been no design changes, then how could the expected cost increase now? I am sure with all projects this size that as construction begins there might be unexpected expenses that may lead to cost overruns but no construction has even started.

Did the district accept a bid $3,000,000 higher than they planned to spend? If this is the case and this is why Mr. Greenwood is coming forward, than why is he alone. No other board member supported him when he brought this up in last week's meeting. Also, if this is the case, why didn't anyone from the district or on the board alert us to the higher cost on the night the contracts were awarded? 

I think it would be helpful if the designs and the winning bid from Bogh Engineering were made available for public viewing. I am sure these are public documents now. I know we can count on Mr. Greenwood to help us get to the bottom of this. I will send him an email asking his help to get access to these documents and I will post them here when I get them. If Mr. Greenwood is unable to get access to these documents for us, I will look into what I need to do to make a formal request to the district. If the sports complex and other projects are now costing tax payers $3,000,000 more than expected even before the ground breaking ceremony, where will the money come from? What services and programs for our kids will be eliminated next? 

It seems to me that if the best bid accepted doesn't meet the architect's design requirements or the cost is more than the district budgeted for the projects, then we need to start over. We need new scaled back specifications from the planning committees, new designs from the architect and new bids from the contractors. It doesn't seem appropriate to ask the district to scale back their specifications now. Mr. Greenwood, we are talking about a lot of money and the future of our kids, we need to do this right and we are counting on you to help.