Thank You Mr. Greenwood

After a previous meeting, Mr. Greenwood told me he appreciated what I had to say but wanted to know if I could be more positive. I too feel I am too negative sometimes.  I don’t look forward to addressing the board but I am more motivated when I see something that bothers me than something that I agree with. I also explained that there already seems to be enough compliments being passed out in the board meetings. I finished by telling Mr. Greenwood that I don’t agree with the direction he and the rest of the board are taking the district and I can’t sit by and just watch; my kids are too important.

All of that being said… I want to thank Mr. Greenwood and commend him for questioning the cost increases of the sports complex project. It is the board’s responsibility to keep the administration's expenses in check. In my opinion this is the one area where this board has failed our kids the most. I know they have our kids’ best interest in their hearts but for too long they have acted as a rubber stamp for the administration. I hope to see more of Mr. Greenwood’s colleagues follow his lead.