Board Meeting Summary - 2/23/10

Here is a summary of my tweets supplemented with my recollection of what took place.  

  • There were no old business items and no reports from the closed session. 
  • The district paid special recognition to Amanda Hendey for athletic achievement and special recognition to a recent graduate of the Beaumont Adult School. Unfortunately I didn’t hear her name and there is no mention of it in the agenda.
  • No one from the public came forward to address the board.
  • The board approved the consent agenda, items consistent with adopted and approved board policies and are deemed routine in nature.
  • A $75 donation from Dennis Martinez, through the Edison International employee match program, to San Gorgonio Middle school was accepted by the board. The funds will be applied to Mrs. Tout’s classroom budget.
  • The board approved a $3,000 Special Education settlement request. I believe due to privacy concerns, there were no further details.
  • The board adopted the single plans for student achievement for the district’s schools. These are the plans the site councils develop and approve to guide resources towards improving student achievement. These plans can be modified and updated throughout the year and changes will be brought back to the board for approval and adoption.
  • Item 15.1, an update on facilities projects was the next interesting area of discussion. This item usually doesn’t generate any discussion but Mrs. Kakish wanted to use this item as an opportunity to inform us that in the future Mr. Bogh (Bogh Engineering) will be providing visual updates for the board during this item agenda. She informed us that Bogh has recently purchased a high tech camera specifically for this purpose.
  • Item 15.3 was to consider an agreement for professional services for the athletic project. Mr. Greenwood used this opportunity to question the fact that the cost of the high schools sports complex was originally estimated to be $12,000,000 and now the cost is estimated to be $15,000,000. He asked the cabinet if it was possible to scale back some of the external cosmetic type features to control costs.
    • Mrs. Kakish responded with a long discussion that I didn’t follow because I was looking to hear a direct response from Mr. Greenwood’s question.
    • Mr. Sanchez questioned if this was the appropriate time to discuss this and Mr. Greenwood responded that he didn’t see any other agenda item more appropriate and that he wanted to discuss this.
    • Mrs. Kakish began speaking again and still never addressed the question about controlling costs.
    • Mr. Greenwood then backed off and said he would re-address this in his closing remarks.
  • In the closing remarks representatives from the CSEA and BTA (the districts employee unions) both congratulated Mrs. Kakish for being selected as the County Riverside Educational Administrator of The Year. The board members and Dr. Kayrell added their congratulations in their closing remarks.
  • Dr. Kayrell used his closing remarks to provide his perspective that the state of the district was very positive. He went on to say, that unlike other districts, this year the district isn’t having to consider layoffs, school closures, furloughs, pay cuts and pay freezes.
  • The rest of the closing remarks were very brief except for Mr. Sanchez’s. He wondered if it would make sense to create a focus group to determine how to capitalize on the success the elementary schools are having and continue this success at the middle school. He referred to the Title 1 Honors earned at the elementary school level and asked if the administrators from the award winning school could help to bring the success to the middle schools.