Social Media Comes to BUSD Board meetings

I am excited to try something new tonight. I will be sending Tweets via my Twitter account to provide my live commentary of what’s happening at the board meeting. My Twitter account name is “Lloyd_White”. I have been following others on Twitter for about a year now but I’ve only tweeted a few times myself. Tonight will be the first time I’ve tried something like this and I’m not sure how it's going to work.

 If you can follow live tonight, I’d love for you to tweet me to let me know you’re listening. If you are attending the meeting tonight it might be fun to get another perspective of the event. If you are unable to follow live, all the tweets should all be available on my Twitter page @Lloyd_White for you to read later.

This may be a onetime event if it doesn’t go well so don’t miss it. Go to tomorrow to see how I think it went or to comment with your opinion.

You can follow me at Lloyd_White on Twitter.