Business as Usual Needs to Change.

Let me start by setting a few things straight.

  • I don’t have anything against Bogh Engineering, I know very little about them.
  • I have nothing against Russ Bogh; I know very little about him as well.
  • I think the high school needs a stadium but I think $12,000,000 is too much.
  • There are projects more important to our kids than a stadium that voters specifically authorized.
  • Most voters who supported the Measure Z proposition had no idea they were authorizing the district to spend so much of our children’s future on a stadium.
  • Beaumont Unified School District's board and administration with help from Bogh Engineering, Russ Bogh, the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and many other community members proposed and supported Measure Z with the primary purpose of building the $12 million dollar sports complex.

I was disappointed with the KCAA program. I was hoping there would be more focus on what was happening in our district and less focus on Russ Bogh. I think Mr. Orozco believed, as I did, that this program offered an opportunity to openly discuss what is going on in our district. It was clear by the end of the show that the host was in full support of the stadium and he believed the district was obligated to provide a local stimulus. He seemed unaware and unconcerned of the educational services our children have lost over the last two years and what projects are being put on hold for this stadium now. He was happy that the district would be providing a local stimulus and it appeared he could care less about Mr. Orozco concerns. He saw an opportunity to slam Russ Bogh for his politics and he took it. This was the first and probably the last time I listen to Pass Politics on KCAA.

I think it is good to spend our money locally, when we can.  But, as Mr. Orozco stated, it is not our schools that should be providing a local stimulus package. We should leave that up to the politicians. It is the responsibility of our school district to manage their resources to provide the best education for all of Beaumont’s children. All parents should expect our district to provide the best educational environment available for our kids.

The days of annually increasing educational budgets are over. The open checkbook is gone. We need administrators to change the way they do business. They need to be watching where every dollar is being spent and they need to make sure our kids get the most out of our resources. This is why the “business as usual” we witnessed at the last board meeting is so upsetting.

Our district and many of our community leaders have decided it's ok to sacrifice projects that would benefit all our students in order to make our high school’s athletic teams more competitive. We may never see all the Measure Z funds our administrators are already planning to spend. Parents need to watch every dollar this district spends and continue to remind them of the sacrifices our families are making, the programs and services our children are losing. Business as usual needs to change.