Here is my response to the comments and article that appeared today in the Press Enterprise.

Here is a link to the article:

Beaumont High stadium contract awarded against committee's recommendation

If Bogh was the low bidder on the stadium and the committee gave them extra consideration for being a local firm and for their experience with the district and the committee still ranked them behind two other firms, this raises more questions. First, why wasn't Bogh ranked #1? If their ranking was based "only because of the lobbying efforts of one of the proponents, ie taking the committee members to lunch" then this needs to be investigated. And if the committee wasn't operating in good faith, I think one of the board members who decided to not follow their recommendation should stand-up for our kids and follow up on the accusation made here by truebethat. All I heard from this board at the meeting was that they respected all the hard work and conscientious effort the committee put into the selection process.

I admit I am not a completely objective participant here; I have a daughter in this district and a son starting next year. I have watched this district increase class size, eliminate busing and eliminate their Gifted And Talented Education program (even though they still receive state funds for each eligible student). After all this they decide to spend $12 million dollars for a new stadium and $4 million for new administrative offices and postponed the specific projects listed in Measure Z that would help all our schools and benefit all our students. There is no mention of any type of sports complex in the text of Measure Z.

The district says they don't have any flexibility with their funding for facility projects but a bill authored by Russ Bogh, passed by the state legislature and approved for general funding by our governor, gives them the flexibility to bring back services for our kids and the district ignores this opportunity.

I don't have anything against Bogh Construction. I don't have an opinion positive or negative about Bogh, I never have. It is interesting though, that Bogh's Senior Project Manager co-authored the arguments in favor of Measure Z included on the ballot measure and there is no reference to a stadium or sports complex.

My concerns are with the way the BUSD administration and board do business and if they are operating in the best interest of our children. When I see questionable actions, I can't sit back and say, "Well they know best". I would like to know what Russ Bogh, now running for state senate, thinks about the district's decision not to use his legislation to improve the educational opportunities of all our kids, not just high school athletes. I think the bigger challenge the district faces is providing the educational experience our kids need to make it to high school graduation and not how many seats their new stadium will hold.