There's no such thing as a non-competitive bid in California schools...

Here are two relevant comments that appeared in a story today in the Desert Sun, a very interesting story. 

Bogh said: "There's no such thing as a non-competitive bid in California schools. That's a competitive process."

Beaumont school officials said: Superintendent Barry Kayrell: "(Bogh Construction) submitted their bid specs and bid packages like every other company. They were not given any preferential treatment. They gave us what we felt was a very competitive bid, and they did an excellent job..."

Here are links to two Desert Sun stories:

Russ Bogh, John Benoit trade shots over campaign flier

Bogh Construction sues John Benoit, 2008 campaign team over ad

and the flier in question:

2008 campaign flier against Russ Bogh

Judge for yourself.


If you want to know more about the special surplus property legislation, mentioned in the articles above, that Russ Bogh sponsored to help the school district and how that legislation could be used by the district today to help the schools and our kids but the district won't, check out my earlier posts. Go to the "Search(Site)" link above and enter "surplus property". You will find links in my posts to the State's legislative information regarding Bogh and BUSD. Enjoy.