Charter School Coming to Beaumont?

At this week's board meeting, Brent Bishop announced he will be working with a group of community members to bring a charter school to Beaumont. Knowing the administration, I doubt he will have much of a chance. I hope I am wrong. I think in today's public school environment that all options need to be consider. I know of parents, some who are employed by the Beaumont Unified School District, that drive their kids each day to Yucaipa for the charter school experience.

I have to admit I don't know enough about charter schools to form an educated opinion but if parents are willing to go to another school district for a charter school, I think Beaumont should consider giving it a try. I wonder how much ADA (Average Daily Attendance) money the district loses to Yucaipa each year.

I've admitted I know very little about charter schools but I know even less about Mr. Bishop's organization, Highland Academy Charter School.  I do know they have a Facebook page and a website, where you can find out more about them.

I don't know how any school district in California can afford not to consider every option available to improve their students' educational opportunities. I am sure Dr. Kayrell, Mrs. Lara and Mr. Hackney will show us.