I gave it my best shot.

Thank you to the parents who showed up last night to show support for a renewed Parent Involvement Policy.

It was obvious that board president Mrs. Lara and board vice president Mr. Hackney are comfortable with the administration's current policy. After former administrator Sue Burcham listed all the programs and services the district offers, Lara and Hackney made it known they are ok with the current boiler plate 4 year old stale policy. They are comfortable with only one or two parents regularly attending board meetings. They are happy with only token representation of parents on district committees.

The administration's trustees, Lara and Hackney, showed confidence in the district's current policy even after hearing from two parents about how non-responsive the administration has been in addressing their concerns. It is unfortunate that the only parent involvement we see in the board meetings is negative. It is time for the administration and board to work for and encourage positive parent involvement.

I am optimistic that the two new board members, who said during their campaigns they want to support parents, and Mr. Orozco, who seems interested in a policy to increase parent involvement, will see it is time for a change. 

We'll see.