My Parent Involvement Policy and Action Plan

Here is my idea of a useful Parent Involvement Policy:


Title I Parent Involvement Policy

The goal of the Beaumont Unified School District is to help students reach their greatest potential.

Recognizing that the most effective way to do that is through a partnership with the parents and community, the Beaumont Unified School District staff embraces and supports the following policy to assist in the development of active parent involvement. This policy was developed to follow and abide by regulations of Title I and No Child Left Behind. It also was written to address needs, concerns, and any special requests identified by an annual parent survey. 

This policy was developed with parents from each and every Title I school in the Beaumont Unified School District. This policy will be provided to parents in student handbooks and on the website.


  1. Parents will be notified of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status. If any school does not make AYP status during future years, that school would follow guidelines established by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law to notify parents. Each school will have at least one parent as a member of the leadership team for that school to help with school review and school improvement plans. This parent can be a substitute or an employee of another school, but is not to be an employee of the school where they will be a member of the leadership team.
  2. If possible money will be set aside each year for Parent Involvement.
  3. Decisions about the use of those funds will be made after considering results of an annual parent survey and discussions with parents during the development of Parent Involvement Action Plans.
  4. The Beaumont Unified School District will provide a Parent Involvement Coordinator to support the schools in their planning and implementation of parent involvement activities and programs.
  5. The Parent Involvement Coordinator will work with a parent advisory council and each principal to provide the specific assistance and support required meeting the needs of the parents in each school.
  6. An annual meeting will be held with other programs in the area that provide services to preschool children. This meeting will be for the purpose of planning activities for families from all programs.
  7. A parent survey will be conducted in the spring of each year to determine the effectiveness of the current activities and programs for parents. The survey will also identify barriers which would hinder participation, especially to those who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or of any race or ethnic minority.
  8. Using suggestions and considering reasonable requests from the parent surveys, an action plan for parental involvement will be developed for the following school year. If necessary, revisions will also be made to the School Parent Involvement Policies.
  9. Information will be provided to parents at least annually to help them understand topics required by Title I.
  10. Beaumont Unified School District staffs recognize that parents are the first and best teachers their children have. Therefore, materials and training will be provided to parents to help their children achieve. Monthly workshops will address strategies used in the classroom and effective ways parents can work with their children at home will be provided. Different methods of technology will be used to provide this training and parents will have access to media center computers and computer labs during nonscheduled class times. They also will be provided information regarding website links that will provide them with helpful and/or requested information.
  11. Annual training will be provided to teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, and support staff regarding the importance of the contribution of parents in the education of their children and how they can reach out to and communicate and build a partnership with parents.
  12. Beaumont Schools recognize the importance of community organizations and businesses in the promotion and advancement of education for the children of the county. There are many opportunities for involvement of these entities, and information will be provided to those entities. There are many businesses in the Beaumont area that provide support and donations for different school activities.
  13. The School Site Councils from each Title I school will also act as advisory councils for each school. Parents from each council will also work together to act as an advisory council district-wide.
  14. A Parent Resource Center will be provided at each Title I school to provide materials and information through workshops, etc. and parenting issues which will assist parents in becoming full partners in their children’s education.
  15. Any reasonable unsatisfactory parent comments regarding the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Parent Involvement Plan will be addressed through revisions to the plan. These comments will be submitted with the LEA Plan to the State Educational Agency (SEA)
  16. Parents of all children in the Title I schools will be provided opportunities and notification of those opportunities to be involved in the education of their children. Notifications will be provided to families in their own language and when needed. Arrangements will be made so that translators will be available at parental involvement activities.


The Plan -

Specific Steps to Improve Parent Involvement in Beaumont


  • District support for a volunteer sign-up day at each school
    • Provide documents and support for beginning a background check for volunteers
    • Provide fingerprinting services
    • Promote through a friendly competition among schools.
  • National parent involvement day
    • Thursday during the third week every November
    • The district will support activities at each school to recognize volunteers for their support
  • Parent volunteer of the month at each school is selected by parent and staff from written nominations provided by teachers and site staff.
    • Announcements thanking the star volunteers with a description of why they are stars is sent home to all parents
    • Once other parents learn what volunteers are doing for their kids they may be encouraged to get involved
  • End of the year parent involvement dinner
    • Staff of each school will provide nominations for a Parent of The Year Volunteer
    • A committee made up of parents and teachers will select the honoree for their school
    • A district wide committee with equal representation of parents and staff will select a district honoree to be the guest of honor at an annual dinner.
  • One board meeting each month will be designated a parent meeting
    • Child care provided
    • Committee meetings and workshops are scheduled before the board meetings
    • Monthly recognition of the many volunteer programs and projects happening in the schools will 
    • Recognition of student achievements will be scheduled for this meeting allowing more parents to attend
  • Email announcements to opt-in parents
    • Parents opt-in, volunteer to receive email announcements in replace of Robo-calls
  • Parent committee to select representation for district committees
  • School site council training
    • Annual site council training provided for each interested member
    • District and site administrators campaign to get site council members to attend
  • Annual PTA organization conference
    • Bring all PTA boards together to meet with board trustees and administrators
    • Promote and establish a PTA network to facilitate sharing and collaborating fund raising efforts
  • An official confirmation and thank you from the superintendent once a parent has fulfilled their promise they made in their school compact to volunteer at their school.
  • Encourage parents to sign up for email notification of board meeting agendas.