Provisional Appointment to the Board of Trustees

The following was taken from an email I received today from the district office:

The following individuals have met the deadline for submitting applicationsfor the provisional appointment to the Board of Trustees for the seatvacated by Dillard (Bill) Greenwood. The names represent the order in whichthe applications were submitted.


Donna J. Bell

Alfred Lloyd White

Lindsey M. Burcham

Wayne B. Hackney

David A. Sanchez

Edith (Eydie) Boal

Duane A. Land


The screening committee comprised of Dr. Barry L. Kayrell, DistrictSuperintendent, and Board Members Dr. Lin Vaccarello and Mrs. Susie Larawill meet this evening at 5:00 to verify qualifications for each applicant.Applicants successfully meeting the minimum requirements will be invited tointerview before the members of the Board of Trustees tomorrow evening,November 9, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. during a special board meeting to be held atthe District Office located at 500 Grace Avenue, Beaumont, California.Members of the public are invited to attend.