Parents and Guardians in the Beaumont Unified School District,

On Tuesday, December 14th, beginning at 7 pm, the Beaumont Unified School Board of Trustees may consider updating their parent involvement policy, BP 6020. A district wide parent involvement policy, developed with parents and annually reviewed by parents, would be able to address barriers we all experience when trying to become more involved. My goal is to increase parent participation in the designing, planning and implementation of district strategy and policies affecting our children’s educational opportunities.

I am developing a parent network to organize parents, grandparents and guardians with the purpose of assisting the administration in developing an effective district parent involvement policy. An effective policy, once approved by the board of trustees, will encourage more parent participation in activities that will benefit all our families. An annual review of the policy by parents should result in revisions to the policy that will lead to more effective strategies for increasing the number of involved parents and their levels of involvement.

Our first step to increasing parent involvement is to get the district to consider replacing the old policy. It's time to make parents full partners in the planning and decision making that shapes the future of our children's educational future. We need to fill every seat in the board room with parents, grandparents or guardians when the board takes up this item. It is a small board room and couldn't hold much more than 70. A school district of more than 8,000 students should be able to turnout 70 parents and guardians interested in more influence over their kids’ education.

If you are able to join me in the board room or you want to be included in the development and designing of a new policy, send an email to You only need to provide me your email address. I will email you once I know this topic is on the agenda. I will not include your email address on any mass emails; I will maintain your privacy and no one else will have access to your information.

Please feel free to copy this and send it to every parent, grandparent or guardian you know in Beaumont.

Thank you,

Lloyd White