School Starts Next Year on August 8th? Maybe....

I just had a call from the district tonight regarding the calendar planning meeting for the next two school years. Not surprisingly, I am only being given two days advance notice of the meeting scheduled for Wednesday. I have a hard enough time getting a babysitter for a movie I plan a month in advance. The district expects me to make a middle of the week evening meeting if I want to have a say in our school calendar. They wonder why more parents aren't involved. 

I was told they would be discussing the calendar at the parent academy last week but there was no real information about the details of what they were discussing. If they are serious about getting parent input all they would have to say is that they are considering starting school 2-3 weeks earlier next year; I guarantee that would get more parents' attention.

The calendar committee is actually considering 4 different options to recommend to the board. I've linked to each one below. Please take a few minutes to look them over carefully and let the administration know how you feel. Here's how you get your input heard:


  1. Review the calendar options and complete the survey below
  2. Go to the meeting the district is planning Wednesday at the district office from 6 to 7pm
  3. Call the superintendent; his number is on each of the calendars below
  4. Make your concerns known at the upcoming board meeting Tuesday, October 12th, at 7pm. You need to get to the meeting early to fill out a card to speak during the public comments session. You will be allowed to speak for five minutes but since the item won't be on the agenda schedule there will be no feed back from the board of trustees.


On October 26th, at 7pm, the calendar is scheduled to be presented at the board meeting. It will be a scheduled item so the board can, and should, respond. Remember this is one week before the election and two of the trustees are running for re-election.

Please review the 4 options and then complete the survey below. Thank you.

 Here are the 4 options:

BLUE 2011-2012 most conservative.xls

GREEN 2011-2012 late start early out.xls

RED 2011-2012 early start &early out.xls

YELLOW 2011-2012 with intersessions.xls



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