Shame on You Victor Dominguez!

At the board meeting this week I learned a lot about who Victor Dominguez is.

The board had to address the process of replacing Mr. Greenwood after his resignation last month. The board has two options available according to their by laws. They could schedule a special election which could cost the district between $65,000 and $80,000 and, according to Dr. Kayrell, wouldn't take place until March. The other option is to appoint someone to serve out the remainder of the term, about two years. They are required to complete the appointment process within 60 days of receiving Mr. Greenwood's resignation.

For more details check out the comprehensive article by David James Heiss in todays Record Gazette. I'll link to it tomorrow if the paper posts it on their site.

After David Sanchez presented his proposal for the appointment process, the subject was open up for discussion to the audience. Tom Layte, a candidate for one of the three open seats on the board, argued that it was wrong for the lame duck board to appoint someone that the new board would be "stuck with". He wanted the new board to be responsible for the appointment. 

I am sure a process could be worked out that would have the current board begin the process and the new board could handle the interviews and final selection. It would be a challenge to get it all done in the required 60 days but I think it is possible. I think Mr. Layte had some good points.

Then we heard from Victor Dominguez, a candidate for the Beaumont city council. Mr. Dominguez complained that the voters should be the ones making the choice and the district should vote for the special election. I think he also had some good points but I think the cost and time it would take to fill the seat outweigh the benefit of having the voters make the selection.

After making his points, Mr. Dominguez then began personally attacking Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Lara for what he considered financial backing from questionable sources. You would have thought Dominguez was running against Sanchez and Lara. I wonder if he forgot what seat he was running for? Seeing him waving a stack of financial forms as he raised his voice at the board, it was obvious to me that he was grandstanding and trying to get his name in the paper. Everything I've heard and read has lead me to wonder if he has a big chip on his shoulder. Now I am convinced he does.

I know I have been critical of the board members and the administration but I have been closely following this district for more than three years and attending almost every meeting. I've never seen or heard of Mr. Dominguez until now. I don't think he has a clue about what is happening in our district. Shame on you Mr. Dominguez for using an important issue to our kids for your personal gain. You've lost my vote and probably everyone else in attendance.

The board decided to begin the appointment process immediately. I am concerned that the process could become a circus if either Mr. Sanchez or Mrs. Lara don't win reelection and they put their hat into the ring, things could become a little complicated. I would assume they would recuse themselves from the selection process but if the remainder of the current board were to select either of them, some people might not be too confident that the best person was selected.

What if both Sanchez and Lara lose their re-election bids and they both apply for the appointment? Then the selection would be made by only two members, Mr. Orozco and Dr. Vaccarello. And here's another "What if". What if Dr. Vaccarello, who isn't running for re-election, also threw her name into the hat? Then Mr. Orozco would be making the choice all by himself. This could get entertaining.

Let's just hope Mr. Dominguez doesn't seek an appointment to the board, it could get ugly.