Calendar Survey Response Summary

Here is a link to the results from the survey. I will provide a copy to the board at tonight's board meeting.

Response Summary



I sent an email regarding the calendar survey Monday afternoon to about 10-15 parents and PTA members at Brookside. By the end of the following day, almost 200 different people had visited this site and reviewed the four calendars. 64 people answered one or more questions and left comments.

This kind of response should indicate to the district that parents want to get involved and have a say, they just aren't able to attend meetings, especially on short notice. If the district would implement an email and internet policy of keeping parents informed about issues and decisions that affect our kids, they would increase parent involvement. All the interested parents could opt in to a district email list and when the district is interested in getting parent input, they would have a direct connection to the parents who want to make a difference.

This is something a district wide parent involvement policy could facilitate.