The Less Important Projects

Assistant Superintendent Mays Kakish recently said the district may have to hold off on selling any additional bonds because of the political difficulty of raising our property taxes by more than the $25 per $100,000 of appraised home values the district promised voters in 2008. The recent devaluation of our homes' values will prevent the district from generating $125,000,000 in revenue and meeting their promise/wish/goal of $25 per $100k cost to taxpayers. Kakish's position is an admirable one but in the last board meeting the board trustees and administration were already planning how to spend revenue from future bond sales; how often have you seen a politician or administrator turn down spending taxpayer money in this state?

Even if the district will be selling more bonds in the future some projects will have to wait until the Sports Complex is finished. Have you looked at the list of projects in my earlier post? Below are just a few that our board and administration believe are less important than the state of the art football stadium and were not included on the district's list of priorities. Some of these may never be completed, or, at least not anytime soon.


  • Upgrade fire alarm system to automatic systems, repair fire safety equipment, add sprinklers and fire safety doors.
  • Upgrade emergency communication systems to meet current safety and instructional standards.
  • Relocate or improve student drop-off areas for safety, including a separate area for buses.
  • Upgrade site playground equipment replacement to meet current safety standards.


I'm sure these are in the district's "Master Plan" they often refer to, but they aren't on the list of projects presented in their presentations.