Audio Recordings of Board Minutes are Available on The BUSD Website!

Thank you Dr. Kayrell!

This morning I went to the district's site to see if the agenda for the next board meeting (Tuesday, September 8th), was posted, I was happy to see it was. Then I checked to see if the minutes had been brought current, they have been. To my pleasant surprise I found the minutes for the August 11th meeting were also available in the MP3 audio format. Click here to access the audio files. This is a huge step and I applaud Dr. Kayrell and his administration for making this move.

I tried to download the MP3 file and found it would take an hour to download it but I found if I opened the file directly from the website using QuickTime, I was able to start playing the file immediately without downloading it. Unfortunately, you are unable to fast forward until you've listened to or downloaded the file. The next step for the district would be to improve the district's site's download speed but making the minutes available in an audio format is a big improvement over having to go to the district's office to listen to them. Thank you.