It's time for our School Board to take the lead.

My last post regarding the surplus property proceeds has generated a lot of discussion. There is a lot of hope that the $4.1 million dollars could provide a one time solution to our crowded kindergarten classes and transportation for the secondary students. It would seem there is enough money to provide the extra teachers and bus drivers to help our district through the next two years. Hopefully, by then the economy will have turned around and the administration will have found a way to operate within their means.

I've been asked how we can get the administration do the right thing for our kids and postpone the sports complex and new administrative offices until the Measure Z funds are available to finance these projects.  We could collect signatures on a petition or get a lot parents and teachers to attend the next board meeting. However, I believe this administration is going to ignore any number of signatures or parents and teachers attending a board meeting because they feel they know what is right.

I think our only hope is to see some leadership from the school board. One of the trustees needs to begin thinking outside the box (a term I've heard from this board many times over the last 2 years). It is time to take this directly to the board and demand they lead the administration in to the direction that is best for our kids.

I will be emailing my earlier post directly to each board member. If every concerned parent or teacher sends an email to each member and let them know how you feel, we may see some action.
    Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Put “Do we really need a new sports complex…now?” in the subject field. They will know what this is about since they would have received my email already.

  2. Copy and paste the following into the “To” field:,,,,

  3. Add any additional comments you want to include and send it.

  4. Forward these four steps to as many parents and teachers you know.

Here are the trustees' individual email addresses:

Susie Lara

David Sanchez

Bill Greenwood

Dr. Lin Vaccarello

Mark Orozco

Please pass this along to anyone else who might be interested.