A message to a concerned parent.

Tonight I received an email from a parent who shared with me a reply she received from her son's school principal. The principal was responding to her concerns over her son's kindergarten class size. The principal said they were aware of the situation and are actively working on a solution.

I wanted to share my response with the rest of you who are interested.

Here it is...

I am encouraged by your principal's reply. Every principal and teacher I've come in contact with has shown me they really care about what they are doing. My dealing with the board and administration, however, has been discouraging and frustrating. It seems they don't feel they need parents involved and are only interested in what we have to say when the law requires them to involve us or when they are struggling with their own decisions; there have been quite a few difficult decisions over the last couple years.

I understand why the district, over parent’s objections, had to increase class size and cut transportation; the budget deficit demanded drastic action. I think we need to do our best not to allow classes to grow much larger and begin working on strategies to get class sizes back down to a manageable size and resume busing for all schools.

When I spoke up in the last meeting I wanted the board and administration to provide a timetable and a maximum class size so they could be held accountable. The next board meeting will be held after Labor Day, Tuesday September 8th at 7 pm. The administration said they would have the classes balanced by then. I hope to see you and any other parents you can recruit there to make sure they follow up on their word.

I know the people in the district office are good people; I just think they lack direction and leadership. Since our superintendent and board members aren't providing it, parents need to step up and lead. I think too many parents don't know how to step up or don't feel they can make a difference and I think this is where we can help. If we start with a handful of parents regularly attending the board meetings to show we do care about what's happening in our district, I think the board will begin to listen. My hope is once we demonstrate that parent involvement can make a difference, more parents will get involved.

Thank you for getting involved,