3 Ways to Get Involved

I appreciate the words of encouragement and the show of support in response to what I am trying to do here. I know how important parent involvement is to the future of our kids and our schools and my goal is to get other parents to realize how they can make a difference and how important it is to make a difference.

If you share my belief, parents should be providing the leadership and direction our board and the administration is lacking, please get involved. I have three suggestions on how to get started.

  1. Contact your PTA and booster clubs and offer to volunteer. There are so many ways you can help even when you have a full work schedule and busy home life. For some ideas about volunteering, please take a look at the "Inventory of Volunteer Interests" section on the second page of the Brookside Elementary Parent Involvement Pledge. Please print a copy complete it and return it to your PTA's volunteer organizer. Here are the links:

  2. Ask your school's organizations (PTA, School Site Councils, etc...) to support the Beaumont PTA Golf Tournament Fundraiser scheduled for October 24th at the East Valley Golf Club. I am hoping this event will encourage fathers to get involved in their parent organizations. Every school has a potential to benefit significantly from the work Brookside's PTA is putting into this fundraiser. To get more details, fliers and entry forms, please contact me by emailing me at lwhite@OurFocusOurKids.com. We are also planning a district wide fundraising dinner the same night of the golf tournament; I'm still working out the details.

  3. Make an effort to attend at least one board meeting a month. These are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. We need to show the district and the board that we care about the future and direction of our schools and our children's education. Even if you don't plan on addressing the board, your attendance will have an impact.

We need to remind the district's administration they work for our board of trustees We also need to remind the board they are elected by and accountable to parents.