Innovative Ideas and Programs Working in Beaumont Schools

At the June 23rd board meeting Principal Beatrice Gray and teachers of Palm Elementary and Principal Aurora Perry of Three Rings Ranch Elementary presented reports regarding two pilot programs that appeared to me to be having early success and showing some promise.

I am often critical of the district but when I see something good happening, I want to make sure parents hear about it. I would think the district would want to tell parents of the innovative things teachers and site administrators are trying to improve opportunities for our kids. However, since the district has failed to use the media (press releases and the Internet) available to them to get the word out, I’d like to provide a platform for our site educators to communicate to parents about the efforts and successes of our teachers and site administrations.

The programs are the Extended First Grade Program at Three Rings Ranch Elementary and the Early Release Day Pilot Program at Palm Elementary. The principals and teachers involved in these programs need to be commended for the work they are doing. I'd like to tell you more about these programs and let you know why I think we should support them but I think it would be better to give the principals and teachers making these programs work the first opportunity to tell you in their own words.

Stay tuned here for more detailed information in the coming weeks. If the sites are unable to provide more information, I will try and summarize these programs from what I learned at the board meeting.