A "Small Group of Individuals" Need To Make a Difference

In the  July 3rd Record Gazette there was an important story about the future of transportation for our kids on the front page. For an abridged version of the article on the paper's website, Click Here.

Here are some interesting quotes from the article:

  • Three concerned employees of the district and a representative from the California School Employees Association participated on a tour of a couple of routes Tuesday morning to witness for themselves the obstacles one can find on an elementary school bus route.

  • According to those who participated, invitations went out to school board members, city councilmen and members of the media, but the turnout was small.

  • The mere thought of making young kids walk across railroad tracks, uphill through desert heat, past documented child molesters, on roads without sidewalks — irritates a small group of individuals.

At the last board meeting, a personal invitation was made to the trustees, Superintendent Kayrell and the cabinet to see for themselves what awaits middle school and high school students next year and what elementary students may have to endure if the district eliminates transportation completely. The Record Gazette reports there was a small turnout, that's an understatement;  not a single board member or administrator accepted the invitation. It is disappointing that the people we elected to look out for our kids and the administration whose motto is "Our Kids Our Focus" couldn't even make an effort to see for themselves how their decisions affect our kids.

I wonder what the Record Gazette's reporter means by a "small group of individuals" . I am sure the number of parents "irritated" by children "walking through desert heat, past documented child molesters" is more than a "small group of individuals" and definitely larger than the number of votes it takes to elect a board member. I did the math, trustees are usually elected to the board with less than 1,500 votes and there are more than 8,000 students. It is safe to say there are more than 1,500 parents who are eligible voters.

Parents, please get involved, make a difference.