Beaumont Unified School District still isn't Title I Compliant

When I received my agenda before the May 12th board meeting, I learned the board would be presented a report on the district's Parent Involvement Program and I had mixed feelings. I was encouraged the board might be making progress towards a Title I compliant policy and they would be developing plans at the district and site levels. However, I wasn't sure how the plans could be compliant without including parents in the development of these plans. At the end of the night, I came away disappointed but not surprised.

While it was demonstrated there are programs and resources offered by the district for parents, there is still no plan in place to increase parent involvement. Having programs and resources available for parents does not constitute a Title I compliant parent involvement policy. The district has a written policy and offer valuable programs but there is no focus and no coordinated effort to increase parent involvement.

A compliant policy consists of written, district level and site level plans developed jointly with parents. The district's plan should support the school programs and help schools recruit parent volunteers. It should focus on increasing the number of involved parents.

The district plan could start with answering some of these questions:

  • What is the district going to do to make parents aware of the resources and programs available?

  • How many parents are taking advantage of the existing programs and resources?

  • What do parents think of the programs?

  • What recommendations do parents have to improve the programs and increase parent participation?

  • What can the district do to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the kindergarten parents at the Kindergarten Round-up?

  • How will the district harness this enthusiasm to keep these new BUSD parents engaged and involved in the years to come?

  • What platform or vehicle to can be used to best communicate with parents?

I've put links to parent involvement policies in use by other districts and schools on the http:\\ This resource site for Beaumont parents is still in the early development stage and I am waiting until it is complete before promoting it. My plan is to have it ready by the start of the 09-10 school year. The board may think that since few parents attend the board meetings, they're not really interested in what's going on behind the scenes. I have found by the numbers of visitors to this site and the emails I am getting even without actively promoting it, parents are very interested and appreciate having a resource to help them stay involved.

The links to the parent involvement policy examples can be found by clicking here BUSD Parent Involvement. Compare what the district has in place as their "policy" on the left side of the page to the links on the right.

I'm sure you've heard it before "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Dr. Kayrell you are failing to plan how to harness the most powerful resource for improving the chances of our children to succeed in school and in life, active parent involvement.