Letter to the Editor Response

Following was printed in the Letters to the Editor of the Record Gazette on June 25th.

In the June 18th Letters to the Editor, Mike Sturman, Beaumont Unified School District’s official reporter/photographer, accused me of “putting out incendiary information”. He was referring to remarks I made on my website, OurFocusOurKids.com. I offended Sturman by saying the district would be making important decisions “with no input from parents and that was the way they wanted it”.  I’ve posted a summary of some of the events which lead me to this conclusion on OurFocusOurKids.com. Please go to the website and read them for yourself to see if you agree.

It was not my intention to stir up a hornet’s nest by “putting out incendiary information”; my mission is to increase parent involvement within their children’s school district. I’d like the district to support my efforts.

According to Michigan's Department of Education research paper, What research says about parent involvement in children’s education in relation to academic achievement:
The more parents participate in schooling, in a sustained way, at every level -- in advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles, as fund-raisers and boosters, as volunteers and para-professionals, and as home teachers -- the betterfor student achievement.

I want all of our kids to have the best opportunity to succeed.