Will someone in this district show some leadership?

The way in which the Beaumont Unified School District is handling the kindergarten class size reduction is typical of the management style I've witnessed over the last two years from this administration. They say "Our Kids" are their focus; but they continue to lose focus when it comes to including parents in the decisions that shape our kids' education. There is no leadership, poor planning, and no interest in finding out what parents think is best for "Our Kids". Most of the important issues are decided and acted upon at the last minute with very little transparency.

Originally the district, with board authorization, planned for kindergarten classes of 33 students for the 2009-10 school year. Teachers would overlap and team up on core curriculum resulting in a 17-1 ratio for Math and Reading. At the June 9th board meeting, the district proposed classes of 16 or 17 students with the children overlapping for the non-core curriculum (Art, Music, PE, etc.) also resulting in a 17-1 ratio during math and reading. The new schedule proposal had the morning kindergartners having there recess at the end of their day.

In the 2008-09 school year two kindergarten classes total about 44 students using two classrooms and two teachers. With this new proposal, two kindergarten classes would total 33 students and use two classrooms and two teachers. How is this reducing teaching positions?

The administration didn't consult kindergarten teachers about the proposed schedule, or ask them for their input regarding the best team teaching strategies for our children. Teachers, shouldn't feel too bad; parents weren't consulted either. Any one of us could have explained to the administration what happens to a 5 year old that is required to sit for three hours without a break.

Board meetings shouldn't be the first place teachers, parents, and even trustees, hear about a new plan. As usual, there are only 2 weeks left to make a decision; so the administration and the board will have do this one on their own. This is just the way they want it.