Still no interest in involving parents.

At the June 9th Beaumont Unified School District board meeting, the board of trustees:

  • Received a budget update revealing $4.3 million in additional cuts for Beaumont Unified School District

  • Considered the following options to make up the shortages:

    1. Eliminate elementary school busing

    2. Closing a school

    3. Reducing the length of the school year

    4. Increasing class sizes again

    5. Additional "Work Force Reductions"

  • Discussed the latest option for kindergarten class sizes which two trustees said "completely confused them"

All of these important issues will be decided upon and implemented in the next two weeks. They will also be determining which before and after school programs will be available next year.

The board will be acting on all these issues with no input from parents, that's just the way they want it.