The board and the administration have an opportunity to show some leadership and, in honor of the upcoming Public School Volunteer Week, fix their parent involvement program.

The California School Board Association (CSBA), in its Policy Brief of September 2006, provides guidelines and interprets statutes regarding development, adoption and implementation of parent involvement policies. The CSBA brief states: "20 USC 6318 requires that Title I districts and schools develop the policies and procedures jointly with parents of participating students."

For more details and a link to the complete brief see the Parents Home

BUSD Board policy BP 6020 regarding parent involvement can be found on the district's website at the Parent Involvement Page This appears to be a boiler plate template the district is representing as its official parent involvement policy. It meets some of the minimum requirements of Federal and State law. But it doesn't looks like it has been jointly developed with parents and it doesn't appear it's being followed.

The board's policy states:
The Superintendent or designee shall regularly evaluate and report to the Board on the effectiveness of the district's parent involvement efforts, including, but not limited to, input from parents/guardians and school staff on the adequacy of parent involvement opportunities and barriers that may inhibit parent/guardian participation.(cf. 0500 - Accountability)

I haven't seen a report presented at any of the board meetings I've attended over the last two years. If one has been presented, it should be posted on the district's Parent Involvement Page. I've also been unable to locate valid parent involvement policies for any of the individual schools.

Parents need to show the leadership we aren't getting from the board and administration. Work with your schools to develop a parent involvement program and encourage the district and board to get their act together.