Furlough Days For BUSD Administration

The Lake Elsinore school district has worked out a deal with their teachers to exchange 3 furlough days for rescinding  all teacher layoff notices. This move is expected to save the district $1.4 million. Click here  for the article.

This got me thinking....

I'd like to see BUSD's certificated administrators, classified managers, and cabinet agree to a 3 day furlough. By my calculations, it may only save the district about $30,000 but it would show the leadership our district is lacking. It would also end the complaints from staff and parents that management is not willing to make any personal sacrifices. The personal cost to each individual would be between $350 and $1,300, a small sacrifice considering the sacrifices staff, parents and students are making. If the district's union employees were to match the 3 days, I wonder how much the total savings could be. For all I know they may have already agreed to furlough days. I'm sure at least a couple layoffs could be rescinded or future ones could be avoided.