Where is Beaumont Unified's Parent Involvement Policy?

Beaumont Unified School District follows minimum legal guidelines to make sure they can handpick their oversight committee. They changed seniority rules for counselors when they wanted more control over which counselors to keep and those that should get the first pink slips. They re-word the California School Board Association’s sample board policy and call it their legally required Parent Involvement Policy. However, they ignore a key part of the No Child Left Behind Title I law which requires the district to "demonstrate a commitment to work with parents" and adopt parent involvement policies "jointly developed with parents".

The district held two forums in February to get public input regarding proposed budget cuts. Many parents who addressed the board of trustees asked how they could get involved and volunteer to support programs that would be affected by the cuts. To capitalize on this sentiment, the school site council at Brookside Elementary authorized the use of $300 of Title I funds to purchase a program designed to help the school organize and develop a volunteer program. The district would not allow the funds to be excluded from their spending freeze. During their board meeting on April 14th, the board of trustees authorized "frozen funds" to purchase new technology ($5000) and to pay for lodging for a middle school conference ($3000).

I think it is a mistake for the district to ignore the sentiment of parents who want to get involved by refusing to authorize $300 for this purpose, while at the same time buying new computers and sending employees to conferences for $8,000.