Oversight Committee "...legal guidelines were followed."

Dr. Kayrell, superintendent of the Beaumont Unified School District, is comfortable that “all the legal guidelines were followed” during the district’s selection process for the Proposition Z Citizens’ Oversight Committee. He was responding to my question about why there had been no public announcement informing the community about an application process. Proposition Z was the $125,000,000 bond issue passed in November. It states “all bond expenditures will be monitored by an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee to ensure that funds are spent as promised and specified.”
How independent can the committee be when the general public wasn’t provided with the information regarding the application process? The “all the legal guidelines were followed” explanation won’t convince property owners, many parents of BUSD students, that the district is interested in independent public oversight of spending their additional tax dollars.
Parents and staff are being asked to make sacrifices as a result of the latest budget cuts. The district is waiting for the results in next month’s special election before making additional cuts. Recent polling shows 5 of the 6 propositions that make up the Budget Stabilization Act would be defeated if the election was held today. This means the district will likely be asking parents and staff for more sacrifices. It seems it would be in their best interest to give the appearance that they are more concerned about what is right, “following all the legal guidelines” just doesn't cut it.