Beaumont Unified School District Discovers The Internet.

The agenda for the April 14th meeting meeting of the Beaumont Unified School Board was emailed to me on Friday, April 10th. I noticed immediately the standard announcement had been updated to include a reference to the agenda now being posted to the district website 72 hours before the meeting.

In the past few weeks, the administration has updated the site to include all missing agendas and minutes of prior board meetings; post annual academic reports (previously available only upon request); and provide access to an agenda 72 hours in advance of the board meetings. I'm happy to see the district is listening. The district has finally started to take advantage of the communication tool the internet provides, their website.

I know the district is low on resources as a result of the budget cutting and I understand maintaining a website uses resources but I think the administration is beginning to understand the importance of communicating to the parents and community. Parents are a valuable resource this district is failing to fully utilize. Improving the lines of communication to parents could be the first step towards a successful parent involvement program.