BUSD Board Meeting: Tuesday, March 24th - Commentary

My Comments:

It was disappointing to learn that the district will be considering more layoffs. When they released the press release entitled "Beaumont USD saves Jobs, School, Transportation and Dual Immersion Program", I thought "this is too easy".  One could almost hear a huge "ahhh" as the district's teachers all breathed a collective sigh of relief. I thought at the time 'this couldn't be the end of the cuts', at least not the way the administration had been warning of gloom and doom. I don't think they have learned their lesson yet.

Mr. Sanchez's suggestion that more teachers be sent pink slips now rather than later, seems like the responsible thing to do.

Now the administration wants to wait until after the May special election before making more pink slip decisions. They  rationalized they could wait to see if the state changes the "COLA regulations" regarding funding, not sure what this means .  It looks like they may even wait until August 15 to make final layoffs. I agree with Mr. Sanchez, it is unfair to wait until 2 weeks before the next school year to tell staff they will have to look for a job. Mrs. Brown, the teachers' union president, said she felt somewhat at ease that additional cuts wouldn't be directed at teachers. Evidently she was told by Mays Kakish that any more reductions in teachers would reduce the revenue they receive for the class size reduction program. If this is true, other programs are going to have to be reduced or eliminated.

When is this administration going to take a proactive approach and show some leadership. Stop waiting and hoping for someone to come and save them from having to make the difficult decisions. I know the board and the administration aren't interested in another public debate about which programs are cut, but this seems inevitable. Why not assume the worse case scenario and get it over with now? They can always rescind pink slips if their hopes and wishes come true.

Step up Dr. Kayrell!