Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee

In a district press release last week, BUSD Board of Trustees Actions 03/12/09, the board announced the establishment of an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure Z. At the board meeting, board member David Sanchez asked if the members of the committee had been notified they were on the committee. Assistant Superintendent Mays Kakish responded that there had been an application process. I don't remember seeing any notice of the application process or how a community member goes about applying. I am sure something like this is required to be announced to the public but I never remember any mention of it in any board meeting and it appears Mr. Sanchez hadn't heard about it either. I reviewed the district's press releases and found no mention of it there. I could be mistaken that no public announcement was made, I hope I am. Here is another example of how hard the district makes it for parents to find out what is going on in their schools. Why am I not surprised?