Agenda Item 13.3 - Discuss Spending and Priority on District Projects

The district has granted my request for an agenda item to open a public discussion regarding the district's planned projects. This is where I would like to say to teachers and parents who have complained about the services that were cut or reduced, "Put Up or Shut Up". Judging from last month's board meeting I fear it will fall on deaf ears.

Last month I was lead to believe that there was a lot of interest from teachers and parents district wide about this topic but, with a few exceptions, the only parents and teachers I saw at the meeting were from Brookside. I want to thank all those who did show up. As I have been doing over the last couple years, I will go this alone if I need to. 

From the latest article in the Press Enterprise (Click here to read the article); it's apparent the district has already decided it will not spend the money from the sale of district property to bring back teachers and bus drivers. In their opinion these are not one-time expense items. I think to pursue this line of discussion will not be productive.

I think the district should take another look at the budget for the next couple years and determine if there are any items that could be designated as one-time expense items; there has to be some. If there are, then the district should use the surplus property money for these items and free up some general funds to re-instate services that have been cut or at least eliminate the need for future cuts.

From what I've heard, the sports complex may not just be a sports complex but may also include some classrooms and offices. I'd like to see the district make their plans for the sports complex public. I know these are available to anyone who asks but why not take the initiative and have the details presented in a newspaper article. I'm sure the Press Enterprise would make room. Maybe if the public was more aware of all the details, we might be able to understand what's going on.

The district's willingness to open a public discussion is encouraging. I hope the public will show up to participate. If not, it may be the last opportunity to be heard on the future of the district's projects.