All Beaumont's Kids Lose When...

When board trustees feel their commitment to the voters who passed measure Z is more important than their commitment to the voters who first elected them to put our kids first.

When the BUSD won't take advantage of a change in the state education code, adopted on the behalf of the BUSD, that would allow the district to temporarily reverse significant cuts to the future of our kids education.

When a one-time expense that will provide two additional years of a solid foundation for our K-3 students is considered a band aid.

When the community believes it is more important to have a  $12 million state-of-the-art sports complex instead of a more than adequate $8 million sports complex.

When our youngest students are leaving the district, or worse, staying and not getting the educational foundation they need to be able to make it to high school and eventually enjoy the benefits of the sports complex.

When the BUSD spends $12 million on a new sports complex even though they know sometime in the next two years they will again ask parents to understand the need for additional cuts in services. 

When the decision makers in the BUSD don't feel it is important to provide a two way public dialog with parents about decisions that will impact the future of our kids.

When parents and teachers are provided a platform to provide their input on the future of our kids' education but choose to be silent.

When parents of children who will succeed, in spite of the decisions of the BUSD, because the are involved in their kids' education and have provided an environment for them to succeed,  sit by and allow other, less fortunate, children to lose the educational services they need to succeed.

I have asked the administration to include an agenda item for the December 8th board meeting. This will provide parents the opportunity to have their voices heard and give our board of trustees the opportunity to explain their decisions.

If this request is granted, it will be an opportunity that all parents and teachers should not miss to show their support for all Beaumont's kids. If the district doesn't grant this request, every parent and teacher with a stake in the future of our kids should show up and let the board know how much our children will be losing.

Either way, I hope to see you there.


Next Board Meeting December 8th