Today, November 19th, is National Parent Involvement Day

If you are an involved parent, grandparent, or guardian, today is your day. I want to thank you and to let you know your child will thank you when they graduate from high school prepared for life. If you aren't involved enough, today is the day to do something about it.

When you are involved in your child's school, you are involved in your child's life. Children with parents involved in their school have higher attendance, higher self-esteem and get better grades! Beaumont schools have excellent teachers, exceptional classified personnel, outstanding principals and district office staff who really care about what’s best for our kids. Sometimes our district lacks leadership and direction that comes from an involved and active parent community. The PTAs and booster clubs at our schools do so much with just a handful of involved parents. Most of us don’t realize how much work is done by so few parents and teachers but we always see the same faces working every school fundraiser, field trip and assembly.

Many parents find it difficult to become involved during the school day because of work obligations. There are many ways other than volunteering in your child's classroom to become involved. If you want to know more ways to become more involved, please visit . Please contact me for more ideas specific to Beaumont Unified School District.

I want to personally thank the 105 district authorized volunteers at Brookside and the 147 Brookside PTA members and all the other volunteers at our school.

Maybe next year we can get our board of trustees and district administration to honor this day and formally thank all the involved parents in Beaumont.