I think we are making some progress!

When you get a chance, go to the BUSD home page. The district is planning on releasing a new district website and new website's for all the school sites but in the interim, I think the district has made some major improvements.

Here are the changes I've noticed since I started my website / and this blog:

  • A section where reports the district regularly provides in their board meetings are now available for public viewing. Here's the link: http://www.beaumontusd.k12.ca.us/academic/reports.htm

  • Board meeting agendas and minutes are being updated and kept current

  • Audio minutes are now available click here http://www.beaumontusd.k12.ca.us/board/minutes_audio.htm

  • There is a new section on the home page called "Recent News"Here you will find:

    • A brief summary of the actions taken at the last board meeting

    • A calendar of upcoming events

      • previously only available in the board meeting packages and not easily attainable

    • Links to the most recent Press Releases from  the district

    • Links to important reports in .pdf and other down loadable formats

I want to thank Dr. Kayrell, Mike Sturman and the rest of the district staff involved in the modernization of BUSD's web presence.

These improvements enable me to refocus my efforts on what I feel is the most important need of our students, increased parent involvement. I will continue to provide my summary and opinions of what's happening in the board meetings. I will keep trying to convince the board of trustees to work with parents to develop an organized and dynamic district wide parent involvement plan that will be annually reviewed and updated.

I will also work with  Principal Goode to develop Brookside's parent involvement plan and I will continue to provide parents of Brookside access to School Site Council and PTA agendas and minutes.

Look for a new design of my website and blog into a single site with less focus on the district's website and more focus on increasing parent involvement. The response of the district to better utilize their website has enabled me to redirect my focus and hopefully better utilize my sites as well.