Charter School for Beaumont is on the agenda for the October 13th Board meeting

Global Tides Online Charter School, a non-profit organization created by Charter School Development Systems, has petitioned BUSD to partner with them to offer an online charter school. Global Tides is seeking to open a statewide online charter school and has begun an aggressive marketing campaign to find districts to partner with. They have sent petitions to school districts all over the state. Each district is required to hold a hearing within 30 days of receiving the petition and to make a decision within 60 days. For more information see this recent Press Enterprise article:

Global Tides strategy is to find enough districts to partner with them to be able to claim they offer a statewide online charter school. Here is a link to a description of Global Tides' mission and marketing strategy. Please check it out, they can explain it better than I can.

I'm not an expert in Charter Schools but I know that good ones offer reasonable alternatives to traditional public schools. I know they need school districts or county boards of education to sponsor them to be able to offer their services. I have read many articles about other local districts that have been required to hold public hearing for the Global Tides' petitions. It seems Global Tides doesn't always show up for the public hearings and after experiencing all the public hearings at BUSD board meetings, our public hearing will probably be over in a few minutes and there will be very little discussion.

I'm not sure I would move my kids to a charter school but I know I wouldn't be interested in an online charter school. I believe Beaumont has exceptional teachers and schools and I want my kids to experience interaction with other students. I'd like to learn more about charter schools and see if there is any place for one along with our existing schools. While I don't expect much to come from the public hearing on Tuesday, this might be a good opportunity to open a discussion.

I think parents should try to attend board meetings to learn about what is happening in their schools. If you've been wanting to go some time, this might be an interesting one to attend. And then again, maybe not...that's the exciting thing about BUSD board meetings.